Suds in the Sun Naples FL | Summertime Fun with Your Dog
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Summertime Fun with Your Dog

Summertime Fun with Your Dog

Summertime in Florida is the best time of the year. There are less people, almost no traffic, and the sun is shining. But there are important factors you need to keep in mind, especially if you’re thinking of bringing your dog along. The top 3 factors you need to keep in mind are sunshine, heat, and weather changes. So, when you decide to take your dog along for your summertime adventure, make sure you’re properly prepared.

Always have plenty of water. Even if you’re headed somewhere that’s “dog friendly,” make sure you bring water and a bowl for your pup. Some dogs won’t drink from a public source, and others are too submissive to bother trying. The water can also be used on the bottom of their sensitive paws if they have to walk across a hot surface, or if they need some help cooling down.

Never leave your dog unattended. Did you know that on a summer day in Florida, the inside of your car can reach temperatures between 130 and 172 degrees? This is beyond safe for a dog, and could easily kill him within just an hour, causing heat stroke in even less time.

Avoid extreme heat if you can. Extreme heat is a killer for humans, and it’s the same for our four-legged friends. A safe rule of thumb to go by is that if it’s hotter than 85, don’t bring the dog along. Even if the place you’re going is inside, your pup could burn his sensitive paws on the hot asphalt on the way in and out. When you do take your dog for his morning and evening walks, consider going at twilight and sunset. The sun will be less intense and it’ll be more comfortable for both of you.

When bad weather is on the way, keep your dog calm and safe. Florida is the lightning capital of the United States. On top of that, thunderstorms are an everyday occurrence during summertime in Florida. There are many dogs that are not only uncomfortable with rain and storms, but they are terrified. It’s helpful to give them a safe place in the house to hide if they become scared, or even something they can wear like a Thundershirt. Some owners even give their dogs anti-anxiety medications if they know bad weather is on the way.

Summertime is everyone’s favorite season. When you’re thinking of including Fido in your plans, make sure you’re properly prepared.