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Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Cats are independent pets to keep at home, which is why many people choose to adopt them. It’s important to keep your home your home in a way that satisfies their natural instincts, encourages them to exercise, and is comfortable for their regular rest throughout the day.

Keep your porch safe. If your cat can’t resist going outside occasionally, make sure the enclosed porch is safe for them. Give them a few toys to chase, make sure the screen is reinforced, and make sure not to keep any poisonous plants. Wheat grass and catnip are both great plants to keep, and they’ll enjoy chewing on it.

Try walking your cat. If your cat has a patient disposition, try getting him on a harness and bringing him for walks. Be sure there are no dogs out when you are, and remember that cats like to wander. It’s fun to let them lead the way; you may discover somewhere new to explore with him in charge.

Keep fresh food and water. Cats can be very picky. Make sure there is always fresh food and water out for them. if you have a dog that likes to eat your cat’s food, then buy a perch for your cat and keep his food there.

Give them toys. Cats need to be able to stalk and keep interested in their surroundings. If they’re bored, they’ll quickly become destructive. Buy him plenty of toys to keep his mind and body occupied throughout the day while you’re away. Train your cat to use a scratching post rather than the back of your couch. Catnip is a great training tool for this.

Keep their litter clean. If your cat’s litter isn’t clean, then he will start using your brand new rug for his toilet. The safe rule of thumb is generally one extra litter box for every cat. Make sure to at least check the litter every day, even if it doesn’t need to be cleaned. Your furniture and your sanity will thank you in the long run.

Bring the outside in. Bring a few small plants in for him to play with and chew on, such as wheat grass or catnip. You can also buy a cat castle or perch for him to sit on. Cats love to climb, and if you want to prevent him from climbing on your bookshelf and becoming destructive because of boredom, then it’s helpful to either buy or build a safe space for him to play in.

Cats are independent but loving pets. They need mental and physical stimulation, just like dogs. Use some of these tips to keep your cat healthy and happy while you’re away from the house during the day.