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Services & Pricing

We Take Pride In Our Work And Treat Our Clients Like Our Own Family Members! We Start The Process With A Groomer Consultation To Ensure We Deliver Exactly What You And Your Pet Want.

Each groom includes the following services:

Ear Cleaning

This includes removing any excess hair and cleaning dirt or other matter from the ears to reduce or eliminate odor and aid in preventing ear infections.

Nail Trim

The nails will be trimmed. It assists in slowly retracting the cuticle so that the overall length of the nail can be shortened. This is important for walking properly on their pads and not on their nails, for ALL pets.

Trimming Of Sanitary Areas

This aids in both the appearance as well as the comfort of your pet.

Brush Out

This stimulates the skin, removes the old coat and reduces shedding. Please note that if your pet is matted, the mats must be removed prior to the bath in order to properly cleanse your dog. Additional charges may apply.

Sudsy Bath

Your pet will be bathed in a coat and skin specific shampoo. We use only the finest professional products in the industry. We use coat and skin specific products to brighten white pets or soothe irritated skin as needed. The shampoos are 100% natural and detergent free.

Hand Drying

We use a variety of drying tools to assist in maintaining a healthy coat and to prepare your pet for its desired cut and style. We do NOT cage dry any pet. We hand dry each pet. This is very important. Our drying process takes a bit longer than more commonly used cage dryers, but allows for a softer and more beautiful coat.

Cut And Style

The overall look will depend on the breed of your pet and your individual preference. Our groomers are experienced in “hand-scissoring” as well as traditional clipper work. A blend of both techniques allows for a more natural and professional look and finish of the coat.

Finishing Touches

Depending on the breed, gender and size, we will add a seasonal bandanna and/or hair bow plus a smell good spritz!

Our Pricing

Grooming charges depend on breed, style, condition of coat, size, temperament and age of pet. As professional groomers, our rates are based on time with each pet, and not always by the specific breed.
Quoted prices are also based on routine and regular salon grooming visits averaging from every four to eight weeks, depending on the breed and your pet being “mat-free”.
Overgrown pets will take additional time to groom properly and are subject to additional charges.
The best way to avoid additional charges is to schedule regular grooming. We will be glad to talk with you more about our rates if you have any questions.
Other grooming services available upon request and at an additional fee:
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Dematting

Vaccination Requirements:

Prior to your grooming appointment, please provide written proof of current vaccinations including bordetella. This is for the safety of both your pet and your groomer!

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