Arthritis Care Options for Dogs


Just like humans, dogs can begin to have issues related to arthritis as they begin to get older, and it can prove to be quite painful for your pet. If your dog has issues related to joint pain, it is important that you do some research and consult your veterinarian to discuss some of the treatment options that exist. The more time you spend looking into different options available, the better chance there is that your pet will get the relief they need.

Here are a number of options that have been known to be effective solutions for dogs that are suffering from arthritis.

Managing your dog’s weight

If your dog is a bit overweight, then helping your dog to lose weight can result in less pressure and stress on its joints, which can then help to greatly reduce the amount of discomfort and pain they are feeling on a daily basis. There are a vast number of different ways that you can help your dog to lose weight, such as by avoiding giving it human food scraps and changing their diet altogether by changing the food you have been giving them to something that is a healthier option. There are a number of brands of dog food that are focused on the task of helping a dog to lose weight.

Physical Therapy

There are a number of certain exercises that a pet owner can do with a dog to help in significantly reducing the amount of pain the dog is experiencing. Physical therapy can be very effective when it comes to treating arthritis in dogs, just as it can be in treating arthritis in humans, but a pet owner has to seek the advice of a professional in order to get started and make sure the exercises are being done in the right way. These exercises can be extremely helpful in assisting a dog toward a path of greater health, comfort and happiness.

Natural Supplements for Joints

There are a vast number of different dog supplements for joints that can prove to be a safe and definitive method in treating arthritis for dogs. These supplements consist of all-natural ingredients that have been proven to help with reducing the pain and inflammation that is closely associated with arthritis. If a dog owner is committed to helping their dog heal naturally, this is most likely the best option that is available.


Just as it has proven to be extremely helpful to humans, acupuncture can also be a good way to get your beloved pet the relief it needs from its pain related to arthritis. Acupuncture can be helpful in treating a wide number of ailments, including arthritis. If nothing else you have tried in gaining relief for your dog has seemed to work enough to provide the relief you are seeking for your dog, this is an option that is available. Please be sure to do research and find someone who has experience performing acupuncture on animals to make sure it is done properly and that your pet receives relief versus harm from someone who may not be experienced in treating dogs.

Ensure Your Dog Gets Regular Checkups

Ensuring your dog gets regular checkups at the veterinarian can go a long way towards helping them to maintain healthy and extend their life, ultimately. The vet will be able to notice any changes in the dog’s overall health and may be able to suggest treatments that will be of help. It is always better to treat things as they arise, rather than when the condition is at an advanced level.