Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Pet Dogs and Cats

For anyone who has ever had dogs or cats, the same wish has likely crossed their mind regarding how to extend the life of their beloved pet. Here are a few tips to ensure a long, healthy life for your pet.

High quality food

Like humans, dogs and cats that are fed a high quality diet have shiny coats, healthy skin, and bright eyes. A high quality diet can also help to strengthen your pet’s immune system, help them to maintain healthy intestines, help to keep them full of energy, support healthy muscles, and much more.

Keep your pet at a moderate weight

Pets that are overweight are at risk of being challenged with a vast number of health issues. Obesity is the number one nutritional disease that is currently seen in dogs and cats and is known to possibly shorten a pet’s life by as much as two years. Pets who are obese are at risk for joint disease, heart disease, diabetes, and a number of other issues

Ensure regular veterinary care

Dogs and cats both require regular veterinary care, which extends beyond routine vaccinations. A routine examination by a veterinarian can reveal health issues that you may have not yet noticed. In many cases, an early diagnosis can dramatically improve chances of treatment that is beneficial and ultimately successful. Early detection can also be less costly.

Oral Health

Oral health issues among dogs and cats can be painful for your pet and even make it difficult for them to eat. If any oral health issue is left untreated it may even lead to heart and kidney issues. It is important to take your pet for regular dental examinations and brush their teeth regularly. If your pet does not allow for you to easily brush their teeth at home, there are other options, such as diets, treats and toys that support oral health. An experienced veterinarian should be able to make suggestions.

Keep careful watch over your pet

Permitting pets to roam freely, without supervision or your protection, can put them at risk for dangerous situations, such as exposures to diseases, exposure to poisonous items, getting injured by a car or another animal, and more.

For anyone who has a pet, they are a family member and should be cared for as such to ensure they live lives that are as healthy, happy and long as possible.